BC Community Code Review

A real challenge in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central development is that you don’t always have fresh perspectives from others or outside your organization about best practices.

Starting Tuesday, June 29th at 4 pm (CEST) / 10 AM (EDT), Spare Brained Ideas will host a once-a-month “Community Code Review”, with a small panel of volunteers from the community to review code submissions, talk about what was done well and what could be done differently/better.

This will take place on the Last Tuesday every month.

Code Submissions

Nice and easy: Submit code to code@sparebrained.com. You can submit:

  • AL Code in an email body
  • Public Git repos
  • Zipped Extensions

Please only submit content you are willing to share on YouTube / Twitter. Please do not submit anything that would violate GDPR. Please ensure that you clarify what code you would like us to look at (if providing a repo or ZIP or file).

Participate in a Panel!

If you’d like to join in on the call as part of the review team, please let us know here! The goal is presently to have 3-4 people, with one review session on the last Tuesday of every month.