Business Central – Mentorship

Due to an intense need for more professionals in the industry, the team at Spare Brained Ideas wants to help. To that end, we’re going to try something new, an online-only mentorship program for a small group of people.

Program Goals, Spring 2021

This program is experimental, based on years of in-person training. The goal of this program is to teach participants:

  • Business Central application fundamentals
  • Basic Business Central administration
  • Introduction to Business Central Development
  • Introduction to Application Design
  • Introduction to Testing and Pipelines

This mentorship will be a little unusual, as we’re both creating something new, as well as streaming the sessions. The sessions will be available online afterward.

Ideal Candidates

Applications for this program should:

  • Have some/limited knowledge of business accounting basics, such as understanding the difference between accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Have good English skills, as instruction will be fast and in English.
  • Needs to have a Windows machine available with strong enough resources to run Docker/virtual images
  • Needs to have a strong enough network connection to be able to attend online training, as well as a good quality microphone and webcam
  • Needs to be regularly available during the scheduled streaming times, as well as have time to work on learning/practice assignments
  • Preferably be a fast learner

You will be able to list this on your CV/resume as an unpaid internship, and upon successful completion, be given references towards future employment. The ideal outcome is that we will have interested partners looking to hire you as junior developers at the end of the program.

Spring 2021 – First Revision

This first program is our first attempt to run this program. It is currently planned to run approximately 20 weeks based on objectives & milestones:

  • June 24th through November 4th
  • Every Thursday afternoon, from 1 pm to 5 pm (CEST)
    (Please note that this crosses daylight savings, so check your local times.)
  • All sessions online via a streaming platform

This initial run of the project is limited to 5 participants.

Apply to Participate

Please give us some basic info to get started to know you, and we’ll reach out. Our deadline for candidates is Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

Support this project!

We are providing a significant number of hours of training and training content as a result of this project, all at our own cost. If you like what we’re doing and want to support us, please join our Patreon as a supporter: