Can You Be Shown What The Matrix Is?

Take the right color pill with this post about the Matrix control in the RTC Report and how it can help you. But, this topic is not for the novice, so make sure you buckle up. In this post, we’ll talk about how to bring together diverse data into a dynamic table – we’ll use … Read more

Send Feedback to Microsoft

Microsoft wants your feedback on how to improve Microsoft Dynamics NAV, if you didn’t know. There’s a couple little hoops to jump, but then you can send product suggestions to the NAV team directly. When you head over to, this is what you’ll see: Click on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You’ll need to login with … Read more

Documents and Dimensions

Dimensions and Funds are very powerful tools for financial tracking and analysis. These are well covered elsewhere in manuals and training documents when it comes to use, entry, and review. However, one thing I have found that is not covered very well is how dimensions on individual transaction lines of documents interact and relate to … Read more