Business Central – Bronze Code Samples Listing

Code Samples

These are instructional example extensions, which demonstrate how to do Business Central development tactics, as well as techniques that can be used to overcome challenges.

These samples can be used as-is, which is also how they’re provided, with no warranty or guarantee if used directly. Please ensure the solutions are taking into account any particular business or environment requirements when utilizing these samples.

Index of Samples

Silver Patrons also have access to the Silver Code Samples.

Complex FactBoxes

FactBoxes are powerful, but when you combine them with temporary tables and on-demand generation of complex data, you can provide a lot of at-a-glance oversight, as well as dramatically increase operational speed for staff

This sample extension demonstrates both techniques, with Customer “Favorite Items” tied to the Sales Order header, and Inventory Stock tied to the Sales Order line.

Factbox area of Business Central showing Customer Favorite Items, as well as another factbox showing stock per location for a sales line.

Dynamic Columns

Sometimes you need users to be able to choose settings to control how lists work – what columns appear. This extension demonstrates the technique using the Item List, showing how users can select which Item Attributes should be displayed as columns.

Do note that you can’t search or filter on Dynamics Columns, but they will be shown as well as exported to Excel.

Business Central item list, showing Item Attributes as columns