We have several livestreams on-going for the Business Central community. Some are about building tools and fun things, but others are the much more serious work of mentoring & training new people.

Overview of Projects

  • It’s Not a Sprint
  • The Biggening Corporation
  • CRONUS Foundations
  • Mentoring Stream
  • Community Code Review

It’s Not a Sprint

Every other Friday, Jeremy recaps what the company has been up to on the projects, as well as any news about new content.

Monday Livestreaming: The Biggening Corporation

Join Jeremy as he builds an online, multiplayer mobile game using Business Central as both the platform and the engine.

Wednesday Livestreaming: CRONUS Foundations

CRONUS Foundations is a new toolkit of demonstration and testing data, coupled with demonstration scripts and setup guides, using a family of companies to better demonstrate the best features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Thursday: Mentoring Streaming

A bold new experiment in training new people into the industry, this stream is all about teaching people Business Central from scratch.

Last Tuesday, Every Month: Community Code Review

A panel of volunteer experts in the field will review community submitted code, talking about do’s and don’ts, tips, and tricks to getting things optimal.