Free Monetization / Licensing Tool: Spare Brained Licensing

Spare Brained logo, with title "Spare Brained Licensing" and a graphic element looking like a License card with a ribbon

I’m pretty excited today. Our AppSource offer for Spare Brained Licensing was approved. It’s a free tool, anyone can use it. Why is this exciting? What It Does The Spare Brained Licensing app is a gatekeeper, a virtual bouncer. It is built on the idea that an Extension should have an active License Key, and … Read more

Post 4: Angular inside Dynamics 365 Business Central – Data Transfer

Dynamics 365 Business Central plus Angular

If you’re just joining us, please make sure to check the Table of Contents in the first post here: Post 1 – Angular inside Dynamics 365 Business Central. Send Our Data Between Embedded Angular and Dynamics 365 Business Central One of the challenges to doing development work with Add-ins when you’re used to working C/AL … Read more

Post 3: Angular inside Dynamics 365 Business Central

Basic Newsletter AL Extension I’m not going to rewrite the guide for setting up your VS Code environment for Extension development, but we’ll go through the basic steps of creating your extension assuming you have a functional NAV/BC environment to work with. In our VS Code window, Alt-A then Alt-L will trigger the AL Project … Read more

Post 2: Angular inside Dynamics 365 Business Central

Angular Startup We’ve got a lot to do here, so a quick map: Create the Angular Project Add library modules Test project is working Installation of libraries Create a build routine   Creating the Angular Project Drop to your command prompt and head into your working folder. Type ng new HTMLEditControl to create the folder/project, … Read more

Post 1: Angular inside Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central plus Angular

We’re going to make an example extension that adds a basic newsletter system inside of NAV using an Angular component (an open-source HTML editor) inside a JavaScript Control Addin deployed via an extension. A teaser of the beautiful combination of Angular inside the NAV Client via Extensions that we’ll be building together:   Some disclaimers: … Read more