June 2021: #YIBC

This June, let’s raise awareness of how good a career is in Business Central to try to get more people thinking about coming to join up!

The “Why I BC” #YIBC challenge.

3 steps to this challenge:
1) Grab your phone or webcam and record a 5 min clip about “Why I BC”
2) Post / YouTube your clip with #YIBC hashtag so we can add to the listing!
3) Tag 2 people to join in!

Step 1

Keep it casual, this isn’t a conference! Talk to things like
 – Why it’s a challenge you enjoy
 – How working with NAV/BC has supported you, your career, your family
 – Why you think other people should too!

Step 2

Post it! Put it up somewhere and let us know! Tag with #YIBC

We’ll collect all of them together on a big giant listing so people know where to find them.

Step 3

Tag 2 people on Twitter or LinkedIn to join in.

If you can, record two people who *aren’t* on either, people you work with that are hardly active in the community, but are top-notch! Just record a Teams chat, nice and easy!

You can download the cover art for LinkedIn and Twitter here: