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We have a variety of great solutions now on AppSource.

Data Braider

Powerful No-Code Custom API

Data Braider allows consultants, implementers, and users to create custom API endpoints to easily read data.


Powerful No-Code Custom Calculated Availability

InTally provides a no-code way to easily adjust “Item Availability” information to display in key places in the system, such as on the Item Card and Sales Orders. Easily pull complex calculations together, even across companies, to provide the data your users need, and fast.

Spare Brained Ideas - InTally logo. Shows a colorful abacus on top of the Spare Brained Logo, a brain and bowling pins.

Spare Brained Licensing

Easy and Free AppSource Monetization for Partners

Easily hook up your extension to a licensing & billing platform to manage customer subscriptions and activation.

Spare Brained logo, with title "Spare Brained Licensing" and a graphic element looking like a License card with a ribbon