Business Central Podcast: JV B/C


Jeremy Vyska’s Business Central Podcast (and more) – talking all about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, from soft skills and life lessons, to use, and development.

By Title:

  • Empathy and Projects, (Episode 1)
  • I didn’t know (Episode 2)
  • Learning (Episode 3)
  • Imposter Syndrome and Community (Episode 4)
  • Fail Mountain (Episode 5)
  • Doing the math of what you should charge (Episode 6 )
  • Setting up expectations (Episode 7)
  • Business-Executive Lessons Learnt from Being a World Warcraft Guild Leader (Episode 8)

By Consulting Topic:

  • Role Centers and UI Intro (Episode 1)
  • Functional Areas in BC (Episode 2)
  • Document Flow and Lifecycle in BC (Episode 3)
  • Using Config. Packages in BC (Episode 4)
  • Inventory in Business Central (Episode 5)
  • A tour of the Customer Card (Episode6 )
  • Efficiency Gains in BC (Episode 7)
  • Payment Tolerances(Episode 8)

By Dev Topic:

  • Dev Basic: Hello World (Episode 1)
  • Dev Basic: Object Types (Episode 2)
  • Dev Basic: Table, Record – what is it really? (Episode 3)
  • Dev Basic: Making a Docker container (Episode 4)
  • Page Design – Layout vs Code (Episode 6)
  • Efficiency Gains in VSC (Episode 7)
  • Building Flexible Solutions with RecordRefs and FieldRefs

By Episode (Season 1):

JV B/C Podcast E1: Empathy

In this first episode of the “JV B/C Podcast”, Jeremy kicks off talking about having empathy in Business Central projects,
as well as reviewing UI and development basics… Continue reading

JV B/C Podcast E2: I didn’t know!

In this episode Jeremy dives into what events are coming up, what is new with Dynamics Con. blogs and Spare-brained products, and finally he explains what tools to have and Product’s overview by zooming out to some of the infrastructure of things… Continue reading.

JV B/C Podcast E3: Learning

In this episode, Jeremy talks about how we learn, how we teach, and processing information. Let’s tour through the Business Central Sales and Purchase Document Flow.
Finally, for the new to BC Devs… Continue reading.

JV B/C Podcast E4: Imposters and Community

In this episode, Jeremy talked about community, making the space welcoming to new people, and how to feel welcome as new people. He also talked about the config package systems of how to get info out of the system, how to get information into the system and all the warnings and caution blinking signs that come along with that. And finally, Jeremy, in 1520 minutes, spun up a new Docker environment to be able to do development and configuration testing…Continue reading

JV B/C E5: The Inventory Mega-Episode

In this episode Jeremy goes into a long tour of Inventory Basics with #msdyn365bc; but first, a quick chat about Fail Mountain, and then.  We talk about Availability, Ledger Entries, Location Setup, and Warehousing… Continue reading.

JV B/C E6: Your Value

The first half hour or so, Jeremy is going through thinking through all of the different expenses, the way you need to market yourself the time that you are going to be spending on producing product. Think about all those different pieces, and make sure you value yourself correctly. He also covers the customer card and some basics to cover at least understanding the structure of things, how to look at the templates of it. And finally, he returned to Visual Studio Code environment, where he talked about the basics of page markup language… Continue reading.

JV B/C E7: Needs.

In this episode, Jeremy talks through the challenging world of digging into what is needed and how to set expectations.  he then stops by BC to look at Recurring and Standard functionality to have ‘templates’ for data.  A quick run-through of setting up CRS in VSC for the devs……. Continue Reading

JV B/C E8: Play

The main focus is applying management skills acquired from strategy video games such as Starcraft, Command and Conquer, and Warcraft to the workplace. These games are distinguished for the team effort and strategies required to complete missions successfully. The highlight will be on tolerance in business, whether tolerance of people or payment. It will also be on recognizing the importance of a healthy work environment……… Continue Reading.