Spare Brained Licensing

The Spare Brained Licensing Extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is currently available as a preview. It is required for our Data Braider product.

This Extension simply allows Publishers of Business Central extensions to manage the licensing and subscriptions using the Gumroad platform. When a user purchases a Subscription on Gumroad, they will receive a License Key that can be used to Activate an Extension inside Business Central:

Current Features

Out of the box, this application layer supports:

  • Easily register new applications
  • Easily validate licenses are active from key functional moments
  • Daily check-in on license active (for subscription ending)
  • Per-extension “grace periods” before activation required
    • Different options for Production vs Sandbox
    • Allow infinite unlicensed use in Sandbox
  • Clearly provide jump-off points for
    • Billing Support
    • Product Renewals
  • Version Detection
    • Support for Version Checking
    • Links to Version Update news
    • Generates User Tasks to notify users of update required
  • License Verification implemented as Interfaces – extensible for alternate licensing platforms
  • Hooks for Misuse Attempt Alerts
  • Events for Activation – a simple hook for registration, overviews, or even setup tours

Can I use this?

If you’re a developer or ISV that would like to make use of this, you can! It is:

  • Free to any ISV or Partner to use
  • Open-Source so you know you and your customers are using a safe tool