Spare Brained Licensing

The Spare Brained Licensing Extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is currently available on AppSource. It is required for our Data Braider product.

This Extension allows Publishers of Business Central extensions to manage the licensing and subscriptions of extensions using the Gumroad platform. When a user purchases a Subscription on Gumroad, they will receive a License Key that can be used to Activate an Extension inside Business Central:

Current Features

Out of the box, this application layer supports:

  • Easily register new applications
  • Easily validate licenses are active from key functional moments
  • Daily check-in on license active (for subscription ending)
  • Per-extension “grace periods” before activation required
    • Different options for Production vs Sandbox
    • Allow infinite unlicensed use in Sandbox
  • Clearly provide jump-off points for
    • Billing Support
    • Product Renewals
  • Version Detection
    • Support for Version Checking
    • Links to Version Update news
    • Generates User Tasks to notify users of update required
  • License Verification implemented as Interfaces – extensible for alternate licensing platforms
  • Hooks for Misuse Attempt Alerts
  • Events for Activation – a simple hook for registration, overviews, or even setup tours

Can I use this?

If you’re a developer or ISV that would like to make use of this, you can! It is:

  • Free to any ISV or Partner to use
  • Open-Source so you know you and your customers are using a safe tool