Technical Advisory Service

Working with Business Central and struggling to keep up?

Many small partners and independent contractors run into the same challenges:

  • How do you learn new skills and new areas of functionality?
  • How do you continually improve the quality of your work?
  • Who can you reach out to when you get stuck?

What is the advisory process?


Assess & Plan

The first call is a deep dive exploration of your needs. We’ll create an Action Plan for the term, regardless of if it’s application knowledge or technical skills.


Regular Calls

Based on your schedule needs, weekly or biweekly, you’ll learn the things you need and come away with knowledge and skills to master.


Deep Dive Session

We’ll schedule an extra intensive workshop half-day, dedicating time to help go through complex concepts, tricky processes, or even help architect solutions.

What are some areas we can help you with?

Areas and skills that people find useful to get Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central help with,
particularly while getting started:

  • Application Area Overviews
  • Deep-dive configurations
  • Setup guidance
  • Integrations, such as with Office
  • System Administration
  • Design Considerations
  • Understanding Application Design
  • Planning Projects & Products
  • Future-Proofing Your Solution
  • Using and Creating API Solutions
  • Upskilling from C/AL (NAV) to AL
  • Azure DevOps / GitHub / Git
  • Testing & ATDD Core Concepts
  • Pipelines, Builds, and Deployment
  • Efficiency with Visual Studio Code

Why work with us?

Your customers expect you to be their go-to expert in all things Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, so how do you get started today to learn what they’ll need in the years to come?

There are lots of great resources to learn parts and pieces online, for free and in paid courses, but how do you know where to start? How do you know how to connect things together?

Having worked with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for over 20 years, our lead instructor, Jeremy Vyska, has been helping people train into and within the industry as an MCT, as a speaker and conference instructor, becoming an award-winning author, speaker, and Microsoft MVP.

Partners, ISV providers, and many more freelancers in the industry have learned to rely on his help in solving complex problems.

We want to work with existing people in the industry like you to help you sharpen your skills for the future so we’re all across the challenging NAV to Business Central transition.

We want to work with new people to train into the industry, building on the rich legacy of the past while embracing the new technologies of the modern cross-application user experiences and development experiences.

We are confident in our quality of delivering valuable knowledge. If we do not provide great value in the first 30 days of any advisory agreement, the entire term will be refunded.

What’s the price?

For this custom, one-on-one bespoke training package, the cost is €2700 per quarterly term. If you are needing to get authorization or make the case, consider downloading this ROI factsheet.

Current Advisory Availability Status

This is a high intensity and quality course, which means a finite number of clients are accepted each term. The current status will be updated here:

Q2 2024: Available

Ready to Get Started?

We have a limited number of slots made available for each quarter. To register your interest and be contacted about signing up, please let us know:

Unsure if it’s good value?

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