Business Central Wallpaper Packs

Word Cloud Art

Make your desktop super fancy and… Dynamic, 365 days a year? Sorry, the jokes are bad, but the wallpapers are nice. Preview the styles here and download the resolution pack you need.

Enjoying these daily?

Consider wearing them! 😄

3840 x 2160

Ratio: 16:9

3000 x 2000

Ratio: 3:2

3440 x 1440

Ratio: 43:18 (!?)

1920 x 1200

Ratio: 16:9

1920 x 1080

Ratio: 16:10

5120 x 1440

Ratio: 32:9

These wallpapers are released under a CC BY 4.0 license. Some assets used are from wonderful artists on Unsplash, the links to which are in the README file in the ZIP, and which are also CC BY 4.0 licensed.