SBI InTally

“How many do we have?”

Every company has challenges in having just the right information about inventory where you need it in the form you need it. Whether it be in specific locations, different states, or even in another company.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has a lot of great inventory features, but even with all that information, users can still find themselves looking for a calculator to check something.

Solve Common Inventory Availability Questions with

SBI InTally

Your Inventory, Your Math

What Matters to Your Team?

Easily change around multiple calculation steps for different key metrics for your business.  Filter on specific locations, pull fields from custom or ISV solutions, or even reference data in other companies.

You can even override the calculations per Item Category, allowing flexible handling of complex cases.

All changes are instant, so you can easily add just one field.

Quickly See Results

Your Numbers, Your Reasons

Easily drill down from FactBoxes on Sales or Purchase Orders to see the details. Find out why something is in or out of stock, quickly and easily. All based on the calculations you want to use.

What will this cost?

The cost for th The cost is €140 per month per Business Central installation/production environment.

Are there any Performance Implications?

The job of keeping the information updated is run as a Job Queue in the background against an operations table, minimizing locking and maximizing performance. There are many fine tuning controls built into the solution which you can use to optimize the performace to your specific needs – maybe one installation might just want daily checks, but on key items, any time they’re added to a document? The power is yours.

When can I have it?

Coming soon!

I’m a Partner/Consultant, Can I Sell this to my Customers?

Yes! Thanks to the Gumroad affiliate system, you can get an automatic payout each month by signing up your Company as an Affiliate. You get a link to the License Key purchasing that’s connected to you, and Gumroad takes care of sending you 10% every month.

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