After 20 years of being helped by the amazing Navision / Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central community, this project is all about giving back.

Biography – Jeremy

He spent several years in IT System Architecture and Administration before transitioning to Navision Development.

Over 20 years, he has worked as Developer, Consultant, Support, and Trainer within the Navision / MBS / Dynamics 365 ecosystem.

During that time, he has trained several people into the industry, worked with ISVs & Partners, and run his own Solution Center.

He has spoken at Dynamics Conferences worldwide and published books about Business Central.
Over two decades within the NAV / BC community, he greatly enjoys the process of continuous learning and teaching others.

With deep product knowledge of the application and ever-increasing knowledge of the technology and business/ecosystem flow, he's most excited about being able to focus on bringing help to the industry both one-on-one and in tools that everyone can use.
He's done all sorts of things that have surprising utility to this date:
  • Tinkered non-stop with technology from before he learned to ride a bike
  • An avid gamer, there's a lot of cross-relateable skills from Minecraft/Factorio to Dungeon Master in D&D
  • World of Warcraft for several years as a guild leader to over 100+ people around the world was a crash course in people skills and has had a valuable life long impact

You can find out more about Jeremy on his site.

Biography – Philip

Over several years of technical support and system administration, he has been focused on constant improvement and talent development. Providing high-class support to consumers, corporate users, and fellow professionals, he is excited to move into problem-solving on a whole new level in the Business Central community.
He spent several years working in high tier consumer support for Samsung, becoming the go-to support for the team, always the guy to find the solution. That led naturally to growing his expertise more into many different critical technologies, such as networks, firewalls, intrusion prevention, cloud solutions, and risk mitigation/recovery.
Many of his fun hobbies support the goal of continuous improvement:
  • You'll often find him halfway up a 14m high wall, always finding new ways to solve challenges faster
  • From Star Wars to Assassin's Creed, he's often finding new rich-content worlds to learn
  • 3D printing is the current obsession, as it is a work of taking intense care and thought to produce something new, fun and useful