CRONUS Foundations

One of the long-standing problems in the BC Community is lack of a useful Demonstration company.

The CRONUS demonstration companies are a combination of a variety of different businesses, trying to demonstrate all the features within one company.  A minimum viable amount of information to demonstrate parts of the system is in place.  This creates a variety of problems when trying to demonstrate, test, or learn parts of the system.  Often setups are conflicting or insufficient.  Often, there isn’t enough data to show a realistic solution.

We intend to change that.  We’re going to create a library of CRONUS companies of different businesses.  Each of the different companies modeled will be varied and use different parts of the system.

Meet the new CRONUS Family

The new CRONUS Foundation companies will operate as a family of companies, four stand-alone companies and a fifth company to play parent company.

The Toolkit

The CRONUS Foundations toolkit will be released in two main forms:

  • Deployable extensions to generate the data.
  • NAVDATA Packages

The NAVDATA packages are complete company exports that will be able to be imported directly into On Premise and Docker environments.

The Extensions are going to be a powerful set of tools that can be used to generate the demonstration data into a target company, setting up all the master data, then posting the transactions. While this method will be slower, a significant benefit is being able to Extend the master and transactional data – so a year’s worth of invoices can have your custom fields properly populated. This will also be very valuable in testing pipelines.

The entire toolkit will be released under as an Open Source Project, free to use commercially.

Key Features

  • Multiple companies focusing on different parts of the system
  • Data is generated by the toolkit on demand
  • Data generation system with Rich Event Hooks to allow use to generate ISV and Product Demonstration toolkits
  • More significant amount of data to better demonstrate Microsoft Business Central functionality
  • Configurations more in-line with real-world company scenarios

How much will this cost?

This toolkit will be released for free and open-source. You can use the data and the toolkit for free.

Wait, how will that work?

Fair, we do have to earn a living. One way you can support this project is becoming a sponsor on our Patreon.

Sponsorship Benefits

In order to make supporting us even more attractive, we plan to have a set of sponsor-only features:

  • Detailed per-module scripts for demonstration and training use
  • Detailed per-module guides for setup & configuration implications
  • Access to priority support desk for Q&A
  • Participate in Ideas system to drive development

Current Project Progress

Right now, we are in the architect stage. You can follow along with our progress with our It’s Not a Sprint streams, where we outline what’s going on with all things Spare Brained, every other Friday on our YouTube channel.