Kicking off 2023 – Classes & Updates

Hey Everyone!

Since it’s the beginning of the year, we wanted to update you about a few bigger things going on.

Multi-Application Architecture Class

The highly rated Developer Workshop by Kamil Sacek (MVP) and Jeremy Vyska (MVP) that debuted at BC TechDays 2022 is now available as an online course!

Join us in 2-hour sessions (4 over two weeks) for this developer workshop covering some of the deeper lifecycle and design strategies for how to ensure smooth multi-app development, moving from using intuition to thoughtful, rule-driven design.

Understand more about when and why a Monolith App might not be the best path, along with how to move to a stronger multi-application design.

Additionally, there are some great 1-2 hour workshops being planned right now for a variety of topics. To register interest in any of the topics for February, March, and April, please check out the options available here.

Spare Brained Licensing – Update

The SBI Licensing app on AppSource is being updated this month to add new support for the Lemon Squeezy platform. Gumroad introduced some new pricing changes, and based on popular request, Lemon Squeezy support will be live in January 2023.

The Lemon Squeezy platform has a great dashboard for looking into the details related to License Activation, so if you use Gumroad currently, we’d encourage you to take a look into migration. The team there is ready to help you migrate existing subscriptions & customers from Gumroad as well.

Advisory Service – Slots Available

Many small partners and independent contractors working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central have the same questions:

  • How do you learn new skills and new areas of functionality?
  • How do you continually improve the quality of your work?
  • Who can you reach out to when you get stuck?

Our Technical Advisory Service addresses these issues with:

  • 4 hours of dedicated hours of advisory talks to make regular progress towards mastery each month, plus assessment and review calls
  • A “deep-dive” session once per quarter to spend focused hours on a topic, develop a new skill, or even architect a solution
  • Access to our rapid response “unstuck” service

Since this is a customized one-on-one training program, we limit the number of accepted students per term – and currently, some spaces are available for this term!

Extension Samples

In 2021, Spare Brained Ideas experimented with making sample extensions for complex topics available to Patreon supporters. While this project had limited commercial success and was shelved, some solutions remain useful to learn from.

These samples are now released as available for anyone.

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