JV B/C E8: Play

Hello, everyone starting things a little earlier this Sunday morning. To cap this, today, we will do some hands-on stuff. Last week, we were a little bit short in our development section. However, this week, I want to make up for that. So, today we will talk about the power of play and how that … Read more

JV B/C Podcast E3: Learning

In this episode, Jeremy talks about how we learn, how we teach, and processing information.  Let’s tour through the Business Central Sales and Purchase Document Flow.  Finally, for the new to BC Devs. – Table, Records, and Practices. Listen Watch 0:00:00-0:01:05 Pre-Intro Talk 0:01:05-0:01:37 Intro Music 0:01:37-0:20:43 Talking about Learning and Processing 0:20:43-0:39:55 Document Flow … Read more

JV B/C E5: The Inventory Mega-Episode

A quick chat about Fail Mountain, and then diving into a long tour of Inventory Basics with #msdyn365bc.  We talk about Availability, Ledger Entries, Location Setup, and Warehousing.  So much! Listen Watch 0:00:00-0:00:55 Pre-Intro Talk 0:00:55-0:01:28 Intro Music 0:01:28-0:05:27 Fail Mountain 0:05:27-1:05:31 Inventory in Business Central 1:05:31-1:07:15 Outro Pre-Intro Talk Good morning, everybody, and good … Read more

JV B/C Podcast E2: I didn’t know!

In this episode Jeremy dives into what events are coming up, what is new with Dynamics Con. blogs and Spare-brained products, and finally he explains what tools to have and Product’s overview by zooming out to some of the infrastructure of things. Listen Watch 0:00:00-0:00:29 Pre-Intro Talk 0:00:29-0:01:01 Intro Music 0:01:01-0:09:37 BC Community News 0:09:37-0:25:04 … Read more

JV B/C E6: Your Value

The first half hour or so, Jeremy is going through thinking through all of the different expenses, the way you need to market yourself the time that you are going to be spending on producing product. Think about all those different pieces, make sure you are valuing yourself correctly. He also covers the customer card … Read more

JV B/C Podcast E1: Empathy

In this first episode of the “JV B/C Podcast”, Jeremy kicks off talking about having empathy in Business Central projects, as well as reviewing UI and development basics. Listen Watch Time Stamps: 00:00:00-00:00:36 Pre-Intro Talk 00:00:36-00:01:08 Intro Music 00:01:08-00:09:04 Empathy and Projects 00:09:05-00:40:30 Role Centers and UI Intro 00:40:31-01:04:05 Dev Basic: Hello World 01:04:06 Outro … Read more

Free Monetization / Licensing Tool: Spare Brained Licensing

Spare Brained logo, with title "Spare Brained Licensing" and a graphic element looking like a License card with a ribbon

I’m pretty excited today. Our AppSource offer for Spare Brained Licensing was approved. It’s a free tool, anyone can use it. Why is this exciting? What It Does The Spare Brained Licensing app is a gatekeeper, a virtual bouncer. It is built on the idea that an Extension should have an active License Key, and … Read more