New Teammate!

.stk-3d4a6a4{background-color:var(--stk-global-color-99370,#008489) !important}.stk-3d4a6a4:before{background-color:var(--stk-global-color-99370,#008489) !important} .stk-aea2bed .stk-block-heading__text{color:#ffffff !important}Klaus Kaan Joins the Team Spare Brained Ideas is proud to announce that Klaus Kaan is joining the team, bringing over a decade of experience with NAV & BC integration and training.  We look greatly forward to Klaus jumping in on our (many) projects helping partners in the channel fill … Continue reading New Teammate!

Free Monetization / Licensing Tool: Spare Brained Licensing

I'm pretty excited today. Our AppSource offer for Spare Brained Licensing was approved. It's a free tool, anyone can use it. Why is this exciting? What It Does The Spare Brained Licensing app is a gatekeeper, a virtual bouncer. It is built on the idea that an Extension should have an active License Key, and … Continue reading Free Monetization / Licensing Tool: Spare Brained Licensing

MSDYN365BC Blogs Round-up Delivery

Are you a busy person that hasn't the time to keep up with all the great Business Central blog content and just wishes there was a daily or weekly summary? Daily Summary This email will be delivered once a day and lists: .stk-c0c4290 ul li{list-style-image:url('') !important}Microsoft Staff Top Tweets - views are their own, but … Continue reading MSDYN365BC Blogs Round-up Delivery

Page Redirection in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Every once in a while, we all get requests that are strange, bizarre, complicated or just not possible. This post came from a request that felt like a "That's not possible" question. In this case request, the user wanted to have Business Central present different cards to different users. At the same time, I got … Continue reading Page Redirection in Dynamics 365 Business Central


For those of you who haven't watched our It's Not a Sprint last week, one of the new things due to come out is our new Code Samples library. Good news: it's already live! We have two libraries that will grow and grow, for the Bronze Patrons and the Silver Patrons. What you can expect … Continue reading Patreon!

Business Central: The Career You’ve Never Heard Of

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an interesting product with a challenge. Most people have heard of Microsoft, a sizeable amount of people have heard of Dynamics, but very few people who don't use or work with Business Central have heard of it. The rename from Navision or NAV also changed the playing field. .ugb-3410263 … Continue reading Business Central: The Career You’ve Never Heard Of