Cultured Differences

Last week we discussed how to apply standard formatting codes for currencies and dates to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC reports. As I mentioned in that blog post, there are some hoops we have to jump through in order to show more than one culture’s formats on the same report. In the typical report the … Read more

The (Formatted) Numbers Game

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC report design using RDLC has a lot of flexibility when formatting dates, times, and numbers. While you can create custom number formatting (which we will cover in a future blog post) many of the standard formatting options will often do the trick far more easily and without requiring the developer … Read more

Payroll Tool: Calc Trace

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Payroll is a tricky part of the system and a tricky part of business. If you’re having issues with Payroll, you definitely want to contract with some experts to help you out. But, there is a tool in the system that will give you some extra insight into what might be going … Read more

RTC Outlook Panel

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Role Tailored Client has a great little part enabled by default, but likely under-utilized: The Microsoft Outlook part. By default, it displays a few folders, some Calendar information, and a few tasks: You can alter the way this is configured to be more adapted to your need. In the upper right … Read more

Improving DropDowns

In the RTC, when you are going to enter data that refers to another table, you get a wonderful DropDown showing you extra info. For example, when entering a Vendor on a Purchase Order: You can quickly see all the Vendors, with the columns for their name, address, and contact info. As a developer, you … Read more

Documents and Dimensions

Dimensions and Funds are very powerful tools for financial tracking and analysis. These are well covered elsewhere in manuals and training documents when it comes to use, entry, and review. However, one thing I have found that is not covered very well is how dimensions on individual transaction lines of documents interact and relate to … Read more

Serenic Navigator: Deploying Digests

What are Digest e-mails? Serenic Navigator offers the ability to have e-mails sent to users based on documents and transactions being submitted for approval. Historically, an e-mail is generated for each transaction at the moment of submission. In every version of Serenic Navigator since 5.0 Improvement 2, there has been a new set of frequency … Read more