Documents and Dimensions

Dimensions and Funds are very powerful tools for financial tracking and analysis. These are well covered elsewhere in manuals and training documents when it comes to use, entry, and review. However, one thing I have found that is not covered very well is how dimensions on individual transaction lines of documents interact and relate to … Continue reading Documents and Dimensions

Serenic Navigator: Deploying Digests

What are Digest e-mails? Serenic Navigator offers the ability to have e-mails sent to users based on documents and transactions being submitted for approval. Historically, an e-mail is generated for each transaction at the moment of submission. In every version of Serenic Navigator since 5.0 Improvement 2, there has been a new set of frequency … Continue reading Serenic Navigator: Deploying Digests

Quick Tip: Make the Most of the Action Pane

The Action Pane of the Role Tailored Client, introduced in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, is full of great shortcuts to different actions, tasks, and reports (as shown below). But, sometimes the things you need regularly are tucked away in the Actions, Related Information, or Reports menus.  You can add those to the Action Pane easily. … Continue reading Quick Tip: Make the Most of the Action Pane