NAV Concept: Closing Date vs Normal Date

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, every Date has a corresponding “Closing Date”. What are they and what are they used for? Let’s take a look. You may see entries in your system like this: Notice the peculiar Posting Date? C12/31/2009? That’s a Closing Date. NAV handles them as a special date that is after 12/31/2009 but … Read more

The Anatomy of a FastTab

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Role Tailored Client changed the Tab Landscape. In the Classic client, we had the more traditional Tabs: When you click on a Tab, one set of fields and captions disappeared, and another group of fields and captions took their place. In the RTC, we have the FastTab headers: Other than the obvious … Read more

Send Feedback to Microsoft

Microsoft wants your feedback on how to improve Microsoft Dynamics NAV, if you didn’t know. There’s a couple little hoops to jump, but then you can send product suggestions to the NAV team directly. When you head over to, this is what you’ll see: Click on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You’ll need to login with … Read more

Easy Dates

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has always had some interesting mechanics around entering dates, and I’ve found that education about them is spotty. Depending on what you know already, this article could save you thousands of keystrokes per year. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Role Tailored Client has the great new date chooser:      However, as with many … Read more