Send Feedback to Microsoft

Microsoft wants your feedback on how to improve Microsoft Dynamics NAV, if you didn’t know. There’s a couple little hoops to jump, but then you can send product suggestions to the NAV team directly.

When you head over to, this is what you’ll see:

Click on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You’ll need to login with (or create) a Live ID. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see this “Welcome!” Screen:

Click on the Feedback link on the left column, which will bring you to the Feedback area you want:


Here’s a breakdown of what you can see:

  • Open: Shows you all the open feedback items, with Title, name, and Votes/Comments. You can Vote Up/Down ideas you’d like. More votes will tell the Microsoft team people really want a feature
  • Most Voted: Shows you the most popular open items first
  • Watching: When you view a Suggestion you like, you can click a link to Watch it so you can easily find it again.
  • My Feedback: Shows you all the feedback you have submitted
  • Resolved: If Microsoft has evaluated it and decided what they’re doing with it, it will live here (rather than as an Open item)

And of course, you can Submit Feedback, which will guide you through that without my help.


This can be a really fantastic way to get things you (or your clients, fellow partners) think are needed within the product. You can also easily have your whole team sign up and up-vote your issue to give a true voice to how many people a suggestion would impact. You can then link people directly to issues, like so: