Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Prem Partner Licensing – Big Changes For the Better

Dynamics 365 Business Central Confusing / Confusion

So, as with all things tech, a Final Answer is subject to change.  😀 In a Microsoft Readiness newsletter today, I got some happy news (besides the huge 1:2 change to 1:3 for conversions of Full Users):   Dynamics 365 Business Central External Accountant and System Administrator User Business Central on-premises customer licenses have been … Read more

Dynamics 365 Business Central: Licensing Team Members

Dynamics 365 Business Central Confusing / Confusion

We have a customer coming online using Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise CU1 with a mix of Essentials Users and Team Members. While setting their staff up, we discovered an interesting trouble and I wanted to share a work-around in case anyone else has this pop up: You do not have the following permissions on … Read more

Post 1: Angular inside Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central plus Angular

We’re going to make an example extension that adds a basic newsletter system inside of NAV using an Angular component (an open-source HTML editor) inside a JavaScript Control Addin deployed via an extension. A teaser of the beautiful combination of Angular inside the NAV Client via Extensions that we’ll be building together:   Some disclaimers: … Read more

Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Prem Licensing: Partner Access Confusion

Note: This was evolving information at the time and, thankfully, the policies have changed, making smarter options available for partners to access customers. If you’ve come here looking for information about licenses, please see the License Guide! Disclaimer: I’m hopeful this is right, it’s a very confusing area of Licensing. Please contact me and let … Read more

Using Memo BLOB to Enable Huge Text

AUTHOR NOTE: 2021-02-10 – There is a Dynamics 365 Business Central Repo showing how to handle this in Business Central.  https://github.com/SpareBrainedIdeas/Demo-BigText I’ll try to update the blog with a new post walking through it, but it’s very functionally the same as below: Generally speaking, enabling huge text fields in NAV is bad design because it … Read more

NAV Tip: Access Domain NAV from Non-Domain Computer

It’s pretty easy to run Microsoft Dynamics NAV (RTC or otherwise) as another user while you’re inside the domain (shift right click on most Windows machines to find a “Run as another user” option, if you did not know). We had a situation come up where, for training purposes, it was necessary to use a … Read more

Dynamics NAV – Credential Type NavUserPassword Gotcha

This is not so much a training document as outlining how I had to troubleshoot a weird error. I think the process taught me a variety of things, so I wanted to share the process of finding the answer. I was trying to setup a new Dynamics NAV 2016 service tier in a test environment … Read more