Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Prem Partner Licensing – Big Changes For the Better

So, as with all things tech, a Final Answer is subject to change.  😀

In a Microsoft Readiness newsletter today, I got some happy news (besides the huge 1:2 change to 1:3 for conversions of Full Users):


  • Dynamics 365 Business Central External Accountant and System Administrator User

Business Central on-premises customer licenses have been updated to include, at no charge, one CAL for an External Accounting User and one CAL for a System Administrator User.

These user types are included in the Subscription licensing model for Business Central on-premises since October 2018 and have now been added to the Perpetual licensing model for Business Central on-premises.

So, there we go!   Perpetual License On-Premise Licenses now get extra CALs for External Accounting User and System Administrator User.

A delightful and unexpected turn of events.


There are other great changes to licensing in the mix, as well, so I would encourage everyone to review their license guide for their region.



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  1. Thanks for your update,

    Having a look at BC14CU03 (aka 14.4) i see that there are also device license type and windows group licence available. Could you confirm what’s the status for those two licence types in On Prem Mode?

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