While we’re preserving this page as it was for looking back at, this is no longer an active initiative.

However, the Code Samples mentioned have instead been released as an available-to-download set of zip files for free.

For those of you who haven’t watched our It’s Not a Sprint last week, one of the new things due to come out is our new Code Samples library.

Good news: it’s already live! We have two libraries that will grow and grow, for the Bronze Patrons and the Silver Patrons.

What you can expect from the Code Samples are:

  • Real working example extensions that can be utilized as-is for testing and learning
  • Detailed explanations in the comments of the code explaining what’s happening.

Our Bronze Code Samples will range from very simple extensions to teach core concepts to more complex extensions that solve address one particularly complicated technique.

Our Silver Code Samples are much more elaborate tools, often things that are powerful enough to consider depoyment to AppSource, but all for your consumption!

You are welcome to use the extensions to provide your existing customers today with valuable solutions. There’s no subscription requirement to continue to make use of these tools, though we hope you’ll stick around as we release more month after month!

What’s in the Box?

To give a peek inside at what you can expect, let’s look at the Complex FactBox code sample:

Factbox area of Business Central showing Customer Favorite Items, as well as another factbox showing stock per location for a sales line.

Here you can see that we’re adding two FactBoxes. The Inventory Stock FactBox is dynamically generated when you select a Sales Order Line, fetching the current Inventory of locations, as well as providing the Projected available, much in the same way as the Availability by Location.

We also supply custom and useful DrillDowns for the end user.

When you download and open up the Extension, you’ll get rich explanations of all the logic and techniques used:

There are new solutions under way, and we’re looking greatly forward to bringing more and more to you.

Subscriptions are priced very reasonably (too low!) –

  • Bronze is €10 per month – so €120 for a year’s worth of this great content!
  • Silver is €50 per month – only €600 for a year of a stream of continuous reference and training!

The best part is, we’ll check in regularly with all our Patrons to see if there’s a Business Central technique or solution they’re struggling with and make Code Samples to demonstrate solutions.