The Anatomy of a FastTab

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Role Tailored Client changed the Tab Landscape. In the Classic client, we had the more traditional Tabs: When you click on a Tab, one set of fields and captions disappeared, and another group of fields and captions took their place. In the RTC, we have the FastTab headers: Other than the obvious … Read more

Can You Be Shown What The Matrix Is?

Take the right color pill with this post about the Matrix control in the RTC Report and how it can help you. But, this topic is not for the novice, so make sure you buckle up. In this post, we’ll talk about how to bring together diverse data into a dynamic table – we’ll use … Read more

Understanding Classic vs RTC Report Data

The Classic reporting engine and the RTC reporting engine are two very different animals. Hopefully, we can highlight the differences today for some of the deeper topics we’ll cover this week. Microsoft Dynamics NAV classic reports are highly iterative. For example, this Customer/Item Statistics report is a great example: The engine will loop through the … Read more