NAV Tip: Access Domain NAV from Non-Domain Computer

It’s pretty easy to run Microsoft Dynamics NAV (RTC or otherwise) as another user while you’re inside the domain (shift right click on most Windows machines to find a “Run as another user” option, if you did not know). We had a situation come up where, for training purposes, it was necessary to use a … Read more

Dynamics NAV – Credential Type NavUserPassword Gotcha

This is not so much a training document as outlining how I had to troubleshoot a weird error. I think the process taught me a variety of things, so I wanted to share the process of finding the answer. I was trying to setup a new Dynamics NAV 2016 service tier in a test environment … Read more

NAV Concept: Closing Date vs Normal Date

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, every Date has a corresponding “Closing Date”. What are they and what are they used for? Let’s take a look. You may see entries in your system like this: Notice the peculiar Posting Date? C12/31/2009? That’s a Closing Date. NAV handles them as a special date that is after 12/31/2009 but … Read more