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Notice! While we’re preserving this page as it was for looking back at, this is no longer an active initiative. However, the Code Samples mentioned have instead been released as an available-to-download set of zip files for free. See the Samples For those of you who haven’t watched our It’s Not a Sprint last week, … Read more

DynamicsCon 2021 Session Now Available!

DynamicsCon - Voyage through the BC Archipelago promotional slide

We’re happy to say that the DynamicsCon 2021 session about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that Jeremy presented, the “Voyage through the BC Information Archipelago”, is now available on YouTube! You can watch it here: You’ll find all the resources highlighted in this video are available on our link map! If you like this content, … Read more

DynamicsCon 2021 – Business Central Session

Today, Jeremy will be speaking at the DynamicsCon 2021 Session, “Voyage through the BC Archipelago”. When it’s on YouTube after the event, we’ll make sure to have a link here. But, all the resources from the talk are available on the Map right away! Edit: It’s live!